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A Little About Me

I've always had an interest and a passion for creating something with my hands. There's a kind of magic in transferring an image in your head into something tangible that others can see and touch. In school and college I loved resistant materials: product design, where I honed my inner skill of making things. Working with wood, metal and plastics. During college I set up a garden maintenance & landscaping company that I did on the weekends. Once I finished college I went full time and grew the business. I did this for over 10 years under taking all kinds of projects, but the ones I enjoyed the most were the ones working with wood. I decided to sell the business and go to Australia for a couple of years where I worked on a farm putting my skills of making/repairing to good use. Since coming back to the home I spent a couple of years making handmade wooden glamping pods and outdoor modular structures where I found my love for making and improving products. I used this time to build my own workshop and focus my energy on doing what I love, making. Why buy something when I can make it, why buy something someone already has when I can have something bespoke. Well I can do this for you too! If you can imagine it, I'll make it. From furnishings for the home, to garden structures, to van conversions. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to start a conversion about an item you would like handcrafted.

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