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handmade wooden bath caddy

Spalted Beech Bath Caddy


Introducing our beautifully crafted Spalted Beech Bath Caddy, perfect for transforming your bath time into a luxurious and indulgent experience. This caddy is carefully handmade from a locally sourced naturally fallen beech tree, ensuring both sustainability and a unique natural aesthetic. The simple, elegant design provides a timeless appeal while also offering practicality with a built-in wine glass holder – because what more do you need for a relaxing soak in the tub? Whether you're unwinding with a book or soaking in a bubble bath, this bath caddy is the perfect addition to any self-care ritual. Elevate your bathroom decor and treat yourself to the ultimate bath accessory with our Spalted Beech Bath Caddy. Finished with a highly water resistant yacht varnish.



Dimensions: 75cm x 19cm, 2.5cm thick

Finish:  yacht varnish

Wood: beech

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