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handmade elm charcuterie board

Elm and Epoxy Charcuterie Board


Introducing our stunning Elm and Epoxy Charcuterie Board, a one-of-a-kind addition to your entertaining essentials. Handcrafted from a locally sourced dead standing elm tree, this board showcases the natural beauty of the wood grain paired with a striking red epoxy detail. This board features a unique, cool live edge shape, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your presentation. Whether you're serving up a delicious array of cheeses, cured meats, or appetizers, this charcuterie board is sure to impress your guests. Elevate your next gathering with this exquisite Elm and Epoxy Charcuterie Board, a true statement piece for any occasion.



Dimensions: 46cm x 26cm, 2.5cm thick

Finish:  osmo top oil & bees wax (food safe)

Wood: elm

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